Steren's talks

A selection of my public talks

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    Google Cloud Run, Satisfaction, and Scalability with Steren Giannini
    Screaming in the cloud
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    Running jobs on serverless with Cloud Run jobs
    Google I/O 2022
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    Cloud Carbon Footprint with Steren Giannini
    Software Engineering Daily
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    How to measure, report, and reduce your application's carbon emissions
    Cloud Next 2021
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    Cloud Run: Serverless Applications with Steren Giannini
    Software Engineering Daily
  6. What's new in serverless
    Cloud Next 2021
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    Cloud Run: What's new?
    Cloud Next 2020
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    Serverless Runtimes with Steren Giannini
    Software Engineering Daily
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    Cloud Run
    Google Cloud Platform podcast
  10. Developer Keynote
    Cloud Next 2019
  11. Run Containers on GCP's Serverless Infrastructure
    Cloud Next 2019
  12. Container Once, Serverless Anywhere
    Cloud Next 2019
  13. Deploying serverless Node.js microservices
    Google I/O 2018
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    What's new in App Engine?
    Google Cloud Platform podcast